Fig ‘Kadota’

Ficus carica ‘Kadota’

Ideal for preserving and drying as in the famous Newton’s.

Kadota fig's claim to fame is the well known Newton's. The fruit has yellow-green skin and red juicy flesh and is the ideal fig for drying, canning, and preserves. Bears fruit in 1-2 years. Self-pollinating. Height 10-15'.

Figs can be grown as trees or pruned to be kept as bushes. In cooler zones, fig branches die back to ground in winter and re-grow again each year, generally maintaining a bushy appearance. The main fruit crop occurs on the current year's growth although some varieties also have an additional early crop (Breba crop) on old growth. Figs prefer moist, well-drained soil and can be grown in containers or the landscape.

  • Fruiting Time(s): July - September