Mad About Mangave®

What’s causing all the recent chatter? Mangave! 

Manfreda + Agave = Mangave

An intergeneric hybrid, Mangave inherits the best of its parents. Agave lends durability and large, architectural form. Manfreda gives unique coloring and spotting, as well as softer spines that make them easy to handle.

The Perfect Form – Between Manfreda and Agave there are hundreds of forms. Mangave covers the entire range of forms; from arching deciduous leaves to rigid symmetry.  

In Focus – Forget the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” model, Mangave can stand alone with long lasting interest whether planted in a container or in the landscape. 

Easy to Handle – Enjoy the succulent size and form of Agave without all the pokes and scratches. Most varieties follow their Manfreda genes with soft spines, making Mangave more user friendly.

Fast Growers – Skip the years it takes to get size out of an Agave with the faster growth rate of Mangave. Got it to the size you want? Water sparingly to hold its size. 

Join us in the MADNESS – one nation united by chlorophyll!

Mad About Mangave®

  • ‘Aztec King’ PP32,151
  • ‘Bad Hair Day’ PP30,279
  • ‘Black Magic’ PPAF
  • ‘Blazing Saddles’ PP31,274
  • ‘Catch a Wave’ PP29,723
  • ‘Center of Attention’ PPAF
  • ‘Desert Dragon’ PP31,311
  • ‘Fiercely Fabulous’ PP33,166
  • ‘Falling Waters’ PP30,650
  • ‘Freckles and Speckles’ PP30,904
  • ‘Frosted Elegance’ PP32,289
  • ‘Lavender Lady’ PP29,194
  • ‘Moonglow’ PP29,195
  • ‘Mission to Mars’ PP29,393
  • ‘Navajo Princess’ PP31,136
  • ‘Night Owl’ PPAF
  • ‘Painted Desert’ PP31,630
  • ‘Pineapple Express’ PP28,613
  • ‘Red Wing’ PP31,459
  • ‘Shadow Waltz’ PP31,601
  • ‘Silver Fox’ PP29,642
  • ‘Snow Leopard’ PP31,137
  • ‘Sponge Paint’ PP32,070

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