Plant One for the Home (Pollinator) Team

Bee on Beebalm.

June is National Pollinator Month. At Cavano’s Perennials we value the role that our pollinators and beneficial insects fill – bee, bird, butterfly or bat – we love them all. We continue to develop habitat gardens on our property so that we can enjoy not only the physical beauty of having the insects onsite, but also to utilize many benefits they have to offer.

  • Pollination (the obvious). Our display gardens incorporate food – greens, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, etc – food that is then harvested and given to our employees. Without pollinators, much of that food would never come to fruition.
  • Insect control. Some beneficial insects eat other insects, many of which can be problematic in a nursery. Parasitic wasps are a natural enemy of pest insects, and a large population can be very beneficial.
  • Food for other creatures. While this may be a sad reality to some, our pollinators are the beginning of the food web. They provide a vital source of nutrients for birds and small mammals. Without the caterpillars of butterfly and moth species, many of our songbirds would disappear. This food source is vital to the diet of a baby bird.

As we begin National Pollinator Month, stay tuned for more information about creating pollinator habitat, specific plants of interest, management of pollinator areas, and much more.

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