Acanthus x ‘Whitewater’ PP23,342 (Bear’s Breeches)

Custom Grow Only

This vigorous, variegated Acanthus has striking, bold leaves with deeply cut white margins and splashing on the leaves. It forms a large clump with 4' tall showy flower stalks with pink and cream flowers in summer. This was bred with Acanthus 'Summer Beauty' for vigor, more hardiness, and heat and humidity tolerance. Height 3-4'.

Acanthus attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. Prefers average, fertile, medium moisture well drained soil. Drought tolerant when established. Tolerates deep shade and many soil conditions. Intolerant of poorly drained soils. Can spread aggressively by creeping rootstock. Deer and rabbit resistant.

  • USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 7-10
  • Exposure: Part Shade, Full Shade
  • Bloom Times(s): June-July