Allium ‘Medusa’ (Ornamental Onion) PP28,701

Clusters of light amethyst flowers, green foliage with a twist on the end. Height 20-24″.

Green foliage with a twist on the end. The nodding buds look like snakes at the tips of the stems, before they straighten to form 1¾-2” rounded clusters of light amethyst purple flowers. Height 20-24".

Allium attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. Prefers rich, sandy to gritty, dry to medium well drained soil. Drought tolerant when established. Tolerates a wide range of soils. Deer and rabbit resistant.

  • USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-8
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Bloom Time(s): August-September