Top Performer Program

The Top Performer in Mt. Cuba Center Trials Program was created based on the research of Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, DE. Each of the plants in this program received a rating of 4.0 or higher in their trials (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest).

Echinacea Sombrero® Poco™ Hot Coral PP23,097

The Mt. Cuba Center research team uses the Trial Gardens to evaluate native plants and related cultivars for horticultural and ecological value, and to highlight the ecosystem services native plants provide. Our partnership with Mt. Cuba Center will help ensure that many of these great garden plants continue to be sold in the trade. 

For more information on the ongoing and previous trials at Mt. Cuba Center, visit their Trial Garden page.

The Top Performer in Mt. Cuba Center Trials Program includes the following plants:

  • Aster 
    • oblongifolius ‘October Skies’
    • x ‘Wood’s Purple’
  • Baptisia  
    • x ‘Ivory Towers’ PP26,827
  • Carex woodii
  • Coreopsis 
    • palustris ‘Summer Sunshine’
    • tripteris ‘Gold Standard’
    • verticillata ‘Zagreb’
    • x ‘Gilded Lace’
  • Echinacea 
    • purpurea ‘Fragrant Angel’ PP16,054
    • purpurea ‘Pica Bella’
    • purpurea ‘Sensation Pink’ PP26,593
    • x Butterfly™ ‘Julia’ PP24,629
    • x Butterfly™ Postman ‘Post301’ PP28,524
    • x ‘Glowing Dream’ PP24,329
    • x KISMET® Intense Orange ‘TNECHKIO’ PP28,769
    • x KISMET® Raspberry ‘TNECHKR’ PP28,768
    • x Sombrero® Poco™ Hot Coral ‘Balsomcor’ PP23,097
  • Helenium
    • x ‘Kanaria’
    • x ‘Potter’s Wheel’
  • Heuchera
    • x ‘Apple Crisp’ PP23,576
    • x ‘Cajun Fire’ PP24,150
    • x ‘Citronelle’ PP17,934
    • villosa ‘Bronze Wave’
    • villosa ‘Caramel’ PP16,560
  • Monarda
    • didyma ‘Gardenview Scarlet’
    • didyma Grand MarshallTM ‘AChall’ PP19,582
    • didyma Grand ParadeTM ‘ACrade’ PP19,580
    • didyma ‘Purple Rooster’
    • fistulosa ‘Claire Grace’
    • x ‘Judith’s Fancy Fuchsia’
    • x ‘Raspberry Wine’
  • Phlox
    • carolina ssp. carolina ‘Kim’
    • divaricata ‘Blue Moon’
    • glaberrima ‘Morris Berd’
    • paniculata Candy Store® Coral Creme Drop ‘Ditomdre’ PP20,907
    • stolonifera ‘Sherwood Purple’