Brandywine Cottage™ Collection

Cavano’s Perennials presents the Brandywine CottageTM Collection

The Brandywine CottageTM Collection is an expertly curated line of premium, upscale plants focused around six seasons of interest. A lifestyle collection, Brandywine CottageTM plants correspond to the themes and experiences expressed in A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David Culp.

A new collection for 2024 and offered exclusively at Cavano’s, the Brandywine CottageTM Collection was created with award winning author, gardener, lecturer, plant breeder, and designer – David Culp. This highly seasonal program includes classic plants that have withstood the test of time as well as new, fabulous, and must have plants.

“Through A Year at Brandywine Cottage and the Brandywine CottageTM collection of plants, I hope to encourage you to embrace gardening – and nature – as a lifestyle, something that enhances every facet of life.” – David Culp


“I’ve always felt that gardeners fall into two categories: those who don’t like plants to touch, and as a result they tend to use a lot of mulch; and those who like the plants in close-knit communities, so they can’t see any soil between them. I’m in the second group. In nature plants have relationships. You just want them to play well with each other, so they all can thrive.” – A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David Culp

“Plants are a living medium. They grow, they bloom, they die, and that gives each season a different dimension. The changing of the seasons gives us so many reasons to enjoy the garden.” – A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David Culp

“You can make a garden. Everyone can . . . you can make a garden and play a part in helping the earth heal. Every plant we grow is a vote for the future, whether it’s in a single pot or a two acre garden.” – A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David Culp

“. . . Look closer! God is in the detail, according to the old saying, and the same may be said for our gardens: full enjoyment comes from looking at everything more closely, from seeking out the details that enrich the big picture. Looking closely has allowed me to know my garden intimately, . . .” – A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David Culp





We hope you have been inspired to embrace gardening, to observe the seasonal changes, and to participate – as a garden is much more than a snapshot in time. Be sure to check out David’s books – A Year at Brandywine Cottage and The Layered Garden.